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Belcampo is a lot of things: a farm, a processing plant, a neighborhood butcher shop, a restaurant. What unites everything we do is our singular commitment to provide you with delicious, organic, and humane meat you can feel good about buying and eating. We got started on our mission in 2012, and we’ve been working ever since to build a sustainable and resilient company that will be here for our great-grandkids. It’s not always easy to do the right thing, the right way, every time, but we’re passionate about taking good care of our land, our animals, our team, and you. Belcampo Meat Co. LLC operates our retail and restaurant activities for all other questions, please contact Belcampo Group Inc.
The Belcampo Team
Belcampo Inc.

Anya Fernald

Chief Executive Officer

Anya Fernald brings 15 years of experience building and growing food businesses to Belcampo. Her first job after college was to launch a cooperative of cheesemakers in rural Sicily, from there she moved to direct international microinvestments for the Italian Slow Food Foundation. Upon returning to the US in 2005, she built and ran a produce distribution company and launched Slow Food Nation and Eat Real. Anya then developed business plans via her own company, Live Culture, where she first began working with partner Todd Robinson as a client. Anya has been a regular judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef since 2009 and also serves as the founding board chair of the Food Craft Institute.

Belcampo Meat Co.

Bronwen Hanna-Korpi


Bronwen arrived at Belcampo with a diverse background in food, including years spent in Italy, first earning a master’s degree from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Colorno and then working as a consultant for Slow Food’s Salone del Gusto and the Spannocchia Foundation. Stateside, Bronwen honed her expertise in specialty food retail by working for small-scale artisan food producers and in specialty food retail. Bronwen has been at Belcampo since its inception and has been involved every aspect of the company–from budget planning to slinging Belcampo hot dogs at Eat Real to transporting vans full of ducks and geese. Bronwen is thrilled to get to combine her love of farming, food and people in one amazing job at Belcampo.

Ross Wollen

Vice President, Culinary

Ross’ love of food and farming began while working on a goat farm in Vermont shortly after graduating from college. From there, he moved West to Oakland’s Oliveto’s Restaurant, where he got an immersive education in whole animal cookery while working in salumi production. He went on to help open Napa’s Oenotri Restaurant where he managed the restaurant’s robust charcuterie program. At Berkeley’s famed The Local Butcher Shop, Ross focused on turning obscure cuts of meat into fresh sausages, charcuterie, stocks, soups, and braises. At Belcampo, Ross is responsible for finding new and inspiring ways to showcase our meat, offering creative oversight of all our food offerings as well as chef training.

Christopher Arentz

Vice President, Retail Butchery

Chris cooked his way through culinary school and a collection of Tuscany’s most renowned restaurants, and after four years in the kitchen, he became fascinated with all things butchery. He moved to Panzano, Italy to apprentice with Dario Cecchini at his butcher shop and restaurant, learning to break down hogs and beef the old-world way. He returned to his native US to further hone his skills, which landed him at San Francisco’s Avedano’s Meats. Now, he acts as the main liaison between Belcampo Meat Co. and Belcampo Butchery, as well as oversees all of our butcher counters where his passion translates into practical recipes and advice for the curious meat shopper.

Belcampo Farms

Mark Klever


Mark’s agricultural career began at California Polytechnic State University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness and a Master’s in Agriculture. His agriculture experience is both broad and deep, ranging from hands-on farm work to design of farm utility systems to project management. Today, Mark leads the Belcampo Farms team with a sure hand and a firm commitment to taking care of our employees, animals, land and resources. He strives to build diversity not only among his staff, but also with what we grow on and in the soil of our 10,000 acres so we can make sure our farm is sustainable now—and in the future.

Rodney Dowse

Vice President, Production

Growing up on his family’s hay and cattle farm in Oregon, Rod became intimately involved in agriculture at an early age and went on to get his degree in agricultural business management, with minors in animal science and economics. Since graduation, he’s managed cattle ranches and maintained a small family farm; he’s also explored and developed his passion for livestock management through his involvement and leadership in agricultural organizations like the Oregon Cattleman’s Association, 4H and FFA. At Belcampo, Rod gets to combine his love for production agriculture, his business acumen and his keen consumer insights to make sure we’re delivering the best meat on the market to loyal and enlightened customers.

Seth Crabtree

Vice President of Retail Products

Seth joined Belcampo with a restaurant industry background where working with high quality products taught him to appreciate everything that goes into bringing wholesome and delicious food products to market. While his early focus was on fresh produce, he quickly noticed how under served the market was for well-raised animals. He left the restaurant industry and went to work for Boccalone where he learned to make traditional Italian salumi using high quality pork. He then worked at the Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley, where he expanded his skills to utilize a wide variety of meats, as well as developing a whole animal approach. While he appreciates every animal he works with, he has a special affinity for pigs, and the slow, time-honored practices that lead to the best possible cured meats.

Belcampo Butchery

Adam Knapp

General Manager Belcampo Butchery

Adam started his career as a butcher and then went on to work as plant manager at the renowned Chico State Meat Lab, a mid-sized, multi-species plant similar in scope to our own Butchery. At Belcampo, he provides the highest level of care during the final stage of our animals’ lives and oversees every step in the production process. A meat stick and jerky specialist, Adam likes to spend his time away from the Butchery out in nature hunting and fishing.